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Our signature class blending “Hot 45 Flow” and “Strength”

Temperature: 85 – 90 degrees

Hot Flow

A 60-minute all levels, vinyasa yoga class creatively designed to target the full body

Temperature: 95 – 100 degrees

Hot 45 Flow

A 45-minute heated, fitness infused flow based yoga class blended with body-weight strength training

Temperature: 95 – 100 degrees


Two round circuit consisting of 3 minutes cardio, 7 minutes core, and 10 minutes targeted muscle group.

Temperature: 85 – 90 degrees

Warm Recovery

A 60 minutes slow-paced, stretched focused yoga class that increases circulation and improves flexibility

Temperature: 80 – 85 degrees

Kid's Gym

Grades K-5: Endurance + Strength + Flexibility + Mindfulness Training for our future athletes and health enthusiasts. Your mini’s will have fun while building confidence and learning the fundamentals of physical fitness. Coached by our dynamite duo: Ex-Pro Athlete, Connor Falkenbach and Yoga Teacher + Fitness Instructor, Gabby Falkenbach.

*Please bring shoes and a yoga mat

Temperature: non-heated

Meditation for Purpose

30-Minute Guided Meditation: Starting with a breathing technique that will create more balance and harmony in the body.  The breath unlocks stuck energy and other stresses stored in the body, allowing one to tune into their own healing needs and abilities. Results are often described as greater mental clarity and deep relaxation.  Meditative music and singing bowls assist your journey.

Just breathe.  It is simple.

Donation only: Money or feminine products

Dragon Blend

Dragon Blend is a combination of our Strength class, pad work, and synchronized movements inspired by Japanese karate