Sound Summer Bath

When: June 10th

Time: 7pm to 830pm

Cost: $40

Join us for healing sound, restorative yoga, guided meditation, and deep relaxation.

Sound Healing guides a person into a deep relaxation…where true healing can begin. Every part of the human body vibrates and creates sound. Sound therapy can bring us to a place of deep inner peace, and it can transform brain waves and have a similar harmonic resonance to the earth’s magnetic frequencies

We’ll begin with a grounded meditation at the beginning of class to get you settled in.  From there, we’ll move through gentle Restorative Yoga poses to help guide your body into a deeply relaxed state while focusing on the breath. This will be followed by a sound bath meditation that will incorporate the use of Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls.

Wear your most comfortable clothes. Please bring your mat or rent one of ours, and don’t forget a cozy blanket(s).

Have a light meal beforehand and try not to eat right before class. Avoid heavy meals, and don’t forget a bottle of water.

Online pre-registration is required.